• Created by: Jon Smith & Ian Masters
  • Written by: Jon Smith & Ian Masters
  • Produced by: TBC
  • In Association With:Apulia Film Commission
  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Format: 8 x 60



Beneath the Mediterranean sun, the shadows loom darker.


Europe’s Achilles Heel falls under attack when North African refugees wash ashore in Otranto. British and Italian investigators battle their own suspicions and prejudices, as well as fears of the continent, to prevent an audacious bio-terrorist attack on mainline Europe.


The tranquillity of a sleepy Italian coastal community is shattered when the bodies of scores of drowned refugees wash up in the harbour. Among the dead and the handful of survivors, is a European woman with a bullet hole in her chest. A murder investigation is launched by a caustic, compromised Italian detective, but when the body is identified as a British humanitarian worker, he’s joined by a disillusioned and recently retired British MI5 Analyst. Putting aside their mutual suspicion and mistrust, the two investigators must work together. But the more they uncover, the more they realise the death of the refugees was no tragic (and all-too-familiar) accident. When one of the more vocal survivors displays symptoms of Ebola, Europe’s biggest fears come true and Otranto becomes the focus of both a political and biological time-bomb. Beneath the Mediterranean sun, the shadows loom darker.